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You say Where, We'll Be There - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - SKIHAWKS Do It All
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About the Skihawks


Though primarily a downhill ski club since the 70's, Skihawks remains active all year long. The membership is comprised of both singles and couples over 21, with the full range of skill levels likely to be present on anything we undertake. If you’ve been around for a while and like being active, you’ll enjoy Skihawks.

Our membership covers a wide area, including King, Pierce, Mason and Thurston Counties.  We currently have 70 plus members.  The Officers and Directors are elected by the general membership and serve a one-year term.  All Officers and Directors serve on a volunteer basis. 

Meet our Board:

President:  Jerry Peterson  Contact:  (360)701-4241
Vice-President:  Fred Root
Secretary:  Kathie Walker
Treasurer:  Sharon Arneson
Activities:   Rick Walker
Member At Large:  Al Schmauder & Art Arneson


If you like to ski and/or participate in other snow sports, you are in the right place.  Skihawks members not only ski, snowshoe and play in the snow in the winder, in the Spring, Summer and Fall, we organize and participate in day hiking, kayaking, and biking.  The website calendar ( is your best source of information on current events.  Ski trips usually involve a sign up and deposit months in advance of the trip due to the planning needs of the ski resorts.  Other activities tend to have shorter notice.  One or more announcements about the event are typically sent to members via e-mail.  The Club also publishes a newsletter that can be mailed to members on request.


Membership meetings are on the fourth Thursday of each month and are currently being held at the Puerto Vallarta Restaurant (1400 Galaxy Drive NE at Hawks Prairie in Lacey).  This location is right off the I-5 freeway at the Marvin Road exit.  Please check our EVENTS page, as holidays and summer activities may impact the schedule.  Prior to the meetings, members often arrive at 5:45 to enjoy dinner and socialize.  The business meeting starts at 7:00 pm and typically includes a speaker on some relevant topic, information about upcoming events, and the opportunity to visit with other members. 


Take a look at what's happening, find something that looks interesting, and contact the Club or Trip Organizer to learn more about the activity.  The sooner you start to get involved with the Club, the more people you meet and the more familiar and fun it begins to feel.  When you volunteer to help with something that needs to get done, that's a quick way to feel like "one of the gang."


3208 Rejoice Wy SE  Olympia, WA  98501
Olym[a, WA  98501